[Album] ayaka – Rainbow Road (3CD)[MP3]

[Album] ayaka – Rainbow Road (3CD)[MP3]
絢香 – レインボーロード
Released: 2015
Genre: Pop, Ballad
Bitrate: MP3 320 KBPS

Disc 1:

1. number one
2. Have fun!!
3. Arigatou no Wa (ありがとうの輪; Wheel of Thanks)
4. No end
5. Tsuyoku Omou (ツヨク想う; I Think Strongly)
6. beautiful
7. Gensoukyoku (幻想曲; Fantasia)
8. Lose Control
9. Through the ages
10. Zutto Taisetsu na Kimochi (ずっとたいせつなキモチ; Always Important Feelings)
11. Chiisa na Ashiato (ちいさな足跡; Small Footsteps)
12. Birthday Song (バースデーソング)
13. Nijiiro (にじいろ; Rainbow Color)

Disc 2:
<"Nijiiro Acoustic Live Tour 2014 ~3-STAR RAW~">
2. Tsuyoku Omou (ツヨク想う)
3. Hajimari no Toki (はじまりのとき; Time to Begin)
4. Why
5. Mikazuki (三日月; Crescent Moon)
6. Okaeri (Welcome Back)
7. Gensoukyoku (幻想曲)
8. Sora yo Onegai (空よお願い; Wish to the Sky)
9. Akai Sora (アカイソラ; Red Sky)

Disc 3:
<"Nijiiro Acoustic Live Tour 2014 ~3-STAR RAW~">
1. Through the ages
2. Chiisa na Ashiato (ちいさな足跡)
3. Arigatou no Wa (ありがとうの輪)
4. Nijiiro (にじいろ)
6. The beginning
7. Minna Sora no Shita (みんな空の下; Underneath Our Sky)

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