[Album] Evan Call – TVアニメ『ハクメイとミコチ』オリジナルサウンドトラック「Forest Songs」 (MP3/320KB)

[Album] Evan Call – TVアニメ『ハクメイとミコチ』オリジナルサウンドトラック「Forest Songs」 (MP3/320KB)
Disc1/1. urar (TV Size)
Disc1/10. What Secrets Lie Within
Disc1/11. EyecatchA
Disc1/12. The Big Plan
Disc1/13. Busy Busy Busy!
Disc1/14. A Nice Cold Drink
Disc1/15. Whispering Winds
Disc1/16. Trouble Ahead!
Disc1/17. Lost Without You
Disc1/18. Storyteller
Disc1/19. Oops!
Disc1/2. Bring It On Home
Disc1/20. No Shoes, No Problem
Disc1/21. Here to Stay
Disc1/22. High Society
Disc1/23. Takin’ It Easy
Disc1/24. Little Ones
Disc1/25. Chasing a Crimson Sunset
Disc1/3. A Walk in the Woods
Disc1/4. Girl Talk
Disc1/5. Big City, Teeny Tiny Girls
Disc1/6. A Slight Problem
Disc1/7. Super High Quality Fabric
Disc1/8. Back to Life
Disc1/9. The Scent of Mystery
Disc2/1. The Bonds That Define Us
Disc2/10. Always At Your Side
Disc2/11. EyecatchB
Disc2/12. Lurking in the Night
Disc2/13. Rumble in the Streets
Disc2/14. A True Master
Disc2/15. EyecatchC
Disc2/16. La Cueca del Mar
Disc2/17. The Fire Within Us All
Disc2/18. Out on the Town
Disc2/19. The Eccentric Barber
Disc2/2. Shadow Heart
Disc2/21. The Evening Sea Shanty
Disc2/22. Friends Forever
Disc2/23. Stargazing
Disc2/24. Tiny Little Life
Disc2/25. Harvest Moon Night (TV Size)
Disc2/3. Sneaky Little Creatures
Disc2/4. Fancy Beetle
Disc2/5. Quivering Trees
Disc2/6. A Fog of Darkness
Disc2/7. Super Spooky
Disc2/8. Back in The Day
Disc2/9. The Sunset Kite

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