[Album] EVISBEATS – That’s Life (2023/MP3/RAR)

MP3 320kbps, flac 24bit, zip, rar, torrent

[Album] EVISBEATS – That’s Life (2023/MP3/RAR)
Released: 2023.02.04
Bitrate: MP3 320 KBPS

1. Arayashiki
2. That’s Life
3. After Rain Comes Fair Weather
4. Digital Detox
5. Bridge The Gap
6. Luminous
7. Shooting Star feat. 田我流
8. Himayana
9. Daydreamers
10. It’s Too Early To Tell
11. My Destiny
12. Mumokuteki
13. Love Is So Simple
14. Odaigahara
15. Nyunanshin
16. Memory Of Kaga
17. Akirame
18. We Found Love
19. Shinjo-Bushi
20. Doubt To Me

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