[Album] Oasis – Complete Singles Collection [MP3]

[Album] Oasis – Complete Singles Collection [MP3]
Released: 2006
Genre: Rock
Bitrate: MP3 V0 VBR

1-1 Supersonic
1-2 Take Me Away
1-3 I Will Believe (Live)
1-4 Columbia (White Label Demo)
2-1 Shakermaker
2-2 D’Yer Wanna Be A Spaceman?
2-3 Alive (8 Track Demo)
2-4 Bring It On Down (Live)
Live Forever
3-1 Live Forever
3-2 Up In The Sky (Acoustic)
3-3 Cloudburst
3-4 Supersonic (Live April ’94)
Cigarettes & Alcohol
4-1 Cigarettes & Alcohol
4-2 I Am The Walrus (Live At Glasgow Cathouse June ’94)
4-3 Listen Up
4-4 Fade Away
5-1 Whatever
5-2 (It’s Good) To Be Free
5-3 Half The World Away
5-4 Slide Away
Some Might Say
6-1 Some Might Say
6-2 Talk Tonight
6-3 Acquiesce
6-4 Headshrinker
Roll With It
7-1 Roll With It
7-2 It’s Better People
7-3 Rockin’ Chair
7-4 Live Forever (Live At Glastonbury ’95)
Morning Glory
8-1 Morning Glory
8-2 It’s Better People
8-3 Rockin’ Chair
8-4 Live Forever (Live At Glastonbury ’95)
9-1 Wonderwall
9-2 Round Are Way
9-3 The Swamp Song
9-4 The Masterplan
Don’t Look Back In Anger
10-1 Don’t Look Back In Anger
10-2 Step Out
10-3 Underneath The Sky
10-4 Cum On Feel The Noize
Champagne Supernova
11-1 Champagne Supernova (Radio Edit)
11-2 Champagne Supernova (Album Version)
11-3 Slide Away
D’You Know What I Mean?
12-1 D’You Know What I Mean?
12-2 Stay Young
12-3 Angel Child (Demo)
12-4 Heroes
Stand By Me
13-1 Stand By Me
13-2 (I Got) The Fever
13-3 My Sister Lover
13-4 Going Nowhere
All Around The World
14-1 All Around The World
14-2 The Fame
14-3 Flashbax
14-4 Street Fighting Man
Don’t Go Away
15-1 Don’t Go Away
15-2 Cigarettes & Alcohol (Live)
15-3 Sad Song
15-4 Fade Away (Warchild Version)
Go Let It Out!
16-1 Go Let It Out!
16-2 Let’s All Make Believe
16-3 (As Long As They’ve Got) Cigarettes In Hell
Who Feels Love?
17-1 Who Feels Love?
17-2 One Way Road
17-3 Helter Skelter
Sunday Morning Call
18-1 Sunday Morning Call
18-2 Carry Us All
18-3 Full On
The Hindu Times
19-1 The Hindu Times
19-2 Just Getting Older
19-3 Idler’s Dream
Stop Crying Your Heart Out
20-1 Stop Crying Your Heart Out
20-2 Thank You For The Good Times
20-3 Shout It Out Loud
Little By Little/She Is Love
21-1 Little By Little
21-2 She Is Love
21-3 My Generation
22-1 Songbird
22-2 (You’ve Got) The Heart Of A Star
22-3 Columbia (Live)
23-1 Lyla
23-2 Eyeball Tickler
23-3 Won’t Let You Down
The Importance Of Being Idle
24-1 The Importance Of Being Idle
24-2 Pass Me Down The Wine
24-3 The Quiet Ones
Let There Be Love
25-1 Let There Be Love
25-2 Sittin’ Here In Silence (On My Own)
25-3 Rock ‘n’ Roll Star (Live At Manchester Stadium July ’05)

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