[Album] Suga Shikao – Love Song Best [FLAC + MP3]

[Album] Suga Shikao – Love Song Best [FLAC + MP3]
スガシカオ – Love Song Best
Released: 2013
Genre: Adult Contemporary
Bitrate: FLAC & MP3 320 KBPS

Coffee (コーヒー)
Tsuki to Knife (piano ver.) (月とナイフ; ‘Moon and Knife)
Home ni te (ホームにて; At Home)
Natsu Kage (Original ver.) (夏陰 ~なつかげ~; Summer Shade)
Fastener with Sakurai Kazutoshi (Mr.Children) (ファスナー)
Convenience Store (コンビニ)
Mayonaka no Kamotsu Ressha (真夜中の貨物列車)
Neko-san (ネコさん; Mr. Cat)
Galileo no Suushiki (ガリレオの数式; Galileo’s Formula)
Kuroi Shimi (黒いシミ; Black Spots)
Progress (piano ver.)
Sekai ga Owaru 5-byou Mae (世界が終わる5秒前)
Nurui Beer (ぬるいビール)
1/3000 Piece (1/3000ピース)

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