[Album] THE YELLOW MONKEY – PUNCH DRUNKARD (Remastered) (2016/MP3/RAR)

[Album] THE YELLOW MONKEY – PUNCH DRUNKARD (Remastered) (2016/MP3/RAR)
Released: 2016.02.10
Bitrate: MP3 320 KBPS

1. パンチドランカー (Remastered)
2. 球根 (Remastered)
3. 間違いねえな (Remastered)
4. ゴージャス (Remastered)
5. 見して 見して (Remastered)
6. クズ社会の赤いバラ (Remastered)
7. セックスレスデス (Remastered)
8. エヴリデイ (Remastered)
9. SEA (Remastered)
10. BURN (Album Version) (Remastered)
11. 甘い経験 (Remastered)
12. 離れるな (Remastered)
13. LOVE LOVE SHOW (Album Version) (Remastered)
14. Secret Track from PUNCH DRUNKARD (Remastered)

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