[Album] THE YELLOW MONKEY – smile (Remastered) (2016/MP3/RAR)

[Album] THE YELLOW MONKEY – smile (Remastered) (2016/MP3/RAR)
Released: 2016.01.27
Bitrate: MP3 320 KBPS

1. Smile (Remastered)
2. マリーにくちづけ (Remastered)
3. Love Communication (Remastered)
4. サイケデリック・ブルー (Remastered)
5. See-Saw Girl (Remastered)
6. 争いの街 (Remastered)
7. エデンの夜に (Remastered)
8. イエ・イエ・コスメティック・ラヴ (Remastered)
9. ヴィーナスの花 (Remastered)
10. “I” (Remastered)
11. Hard Rain (Remastered)
12. 嘆くなり我が夜のFantasy (Remastered)
13. 熱帯夜 (Remastered)

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