[Album] Various Artists – Aladdin (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack/Japanese Version)[MP3]

[Album] Various Artists – Aladdin (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack/Japanese Version)[MP3]
Released: 2019
Genre: OST
Bitrate: MP3 320 KBPS

1 Arabian Nights (2019) (Japanese Version) Koichi Yamadera
2 One Jump Ahead (Japanese Version) tomoya nakamura
3 One Jump Ahead (Reprise) (Japanese Version) tomoya nakamura
4 Speechless (Part 1) (Japanese Version) Haruka Kinoshita
5 Friend Like Me (Japanese Version) Koichi Yamadera
6 Prince Ali (Japanese Version) Koichi Yamadera
7 A Whole New World (Japanese Version) tomoya nakamura, Haruka Kinoshita
8 One Jump Ahead (Reprise 2) (Japanese Version) tomoya nakamura
9 Speechless (Part 2) (Japanese Version) Haruka Kinoshita
10 A Whole New World (End Title) ZAYN, Zhavia Ward
11 Friend Like Me (End Title) Will Smith, DJ Khaled
12 Speechless (Full) Naomi Scott
13 Speechless (Full) (Japanese Version) Haruka Kinoshita
14 The Big Ship Alan Menken
15 Agrabah Marketplace Alan Menken
16 Aladdin’s Hideout Alan Menken
17 Jasmine Meets Prince Anders Alan Menken
18 Breaking In Alan Menken
19 Returning the Bracelet Alan Menken
20 The Dunes Alan Menken
21 Simple Oil Lamp Alan Menken
22 The Cave of Wonders Alan Menken
23 The Basics Alan Menken
24 Escape from the Cave Alan Menken
25 Prince Ali’s Outfit Alan Menken
26 Until Tomorrow Alan Menken
27 Aladdin’s Second Wish Alan Menken
28 Never Called a Master Friend Alan Menken
29 Harvest Dance Alan Menken
30 Jafar Becomes Sultan Alan Menken
31 Hakim’s Loyalty Tested Alan Menken
32 Most Powerful Sorcerer Alan Menken
33 Carpet Chase Alan Menken
34 Jafar Summons the Storm Alan Menken
35 Jafar’s Final Wish Alan Menken
36 Genie Set Free Alan Menken
37 The Wedding Alan Menken
38 Friend Like Me (Finale) Alan Menken
39 A Whole New World (Karaoke/Duet with Aladdin) tomoya nakamura
40 A Whole New World (Karaoke/Duet with Jasmin) Haruka Kinoshita
41 A Whole New World (Instrumental) Alan Menken, Tim Rice

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  1. the lion king soundtrack japanese version

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