[Album] Various Artists – TRIBUTE TO YMO [MP3]

[Album] Various Artists – TRIBUTE TO YMO [MP3]
Released: 2004
Genre: Electronic
Bitrate: MP3 192 KBPS

01. RYDEEN ライディーン / Performed by LOW IQ 01
02.1000 KNIVES 千のナイフ / Performed by SUGIZO
03. CUE キュー / Performed by 高野寛
04. Ishin Denshin  以心電信 / Performed by clammbon
05. kimi ni Mune KYUN 君に、胸キュン。-浮気なヴァカンス- / Performed by SUGIURUMN featuring 曽我部恵一
06. FIRECRACKER / Performed by Ken Ishii
07. SNAKEMAN SHOW スネークマン・ショウ / Performed by イルリメ
08. COSMIC SURFIN’ コズミック・サーフィン / Performed by ERSKIN
09. La Femme Chinoise 中国女 / Performed by Dr.Shingo
10. NICE AGE ナイス・エイジ / Performed by Sun Paulo
11. THE MADMEN ザ・マッドメン / Performed by ショコラ&片寄明人
12. SIMOON シムーン / Performed by 東京スカパラダイスオーケストラ
13. BEHIND THE MASK ビハインド・ザ・マスク / Performed by Jazztronik
14. TECHNO POLICE (Bonus Track)

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